This destination is named Wedang Tahu Bu Sukardi.
Culinary Info / June 29, 2018
Ayam Grepek is a dish that is very easy to find anywhere..
Culinary Info / June 25, 2018
Among the many rows of food stalls in the Jl. This Kaliurang, there is a food stall that full of visitors than other shops.
Culinary Info / June 23, 2018
As an area that has high creative power, Yogyakarta is also able to present meatballs with different and unique appearance compared to other meatballs.
Culinary Info / June 19, 2018
Everyone want to have a healthy body.
Culinary Info / June 17, 2018
Mie Ayam Goreng Pak No is located on Jl. Godean Km 5 Yogyakarta.
Culinary Info / June 13, 2018
As a student city, Yogyakarta is crowded with students from all over Indonesia who want to study in this city.
Culinary Info / May 13, 2018
In Indonesia the culinary menu like nasi goreng or fried rice is very popular.
Culinary Info / April 27, 2018
One culinary that must be tried when the travelers visiting Yogyakarta is Sop Kaki Kambing Bang Udin.
Culinary Info / April 25, 2018
Yogyakarta is famous as Kota Pelajar, where the city became a destination to study, especially students from all over Indonesia.
Culinary Info / April 13, 2018