Cemeti Art House Yogyakarta, Exciting Tourist Object For Art Lovers

Cemeti Art House is a cultural tourism object in Yogyakarta. It is located on Jl. IN. Panjaitan No. 41, Yogyakarta. Established in 1988, this cultural house is often used to hold various activities, especially those that have a close relationship with the world of art and culture.


Here, tourists will not only be invited to witness various kinds of art. Travelers, especially lovers and artists, are always given the opportunity to involve themselves in the activities held at the venue. Some types of activities that are often held include art projects, exhibitions, residencies and education about art management. There are also activities such as publication of information, documentation of art objects, research and much more.

Cemeti Art House always give high attention to arts and cultural activities. Here the artists are not only to be creative, but are also allowed to give comments or opinions about the work of other artists through discussion. It often collaborates with other arts and cultural institutions. Not only from within the country, many actors from abroad are interested and have a high interest in establishing a more intense relationship with the Cemeti Art House.


Like other art spaces or cultural houses, there is also a special place for Cemeti Art House to display various kinds of art. Tourists will be more interested and feel happy to visit this cultural tourism destination. Some of the collections that can be witnessed by tourists include paintings from various streams, pottery statues and ceramics, graphic works to photographic works. In addition, other collections can be witnessed such as ancient radio, ancient iron, old lights, ancient wall clocks and many more.

Books that review the history and development of art and culture that exist throughout the country and the world may also be opened and read freely in this place. Not even a few old books were published in the past decades. To enter the cultural tourism destination Cemeti Art House, tourists do not need to pay for a ticket unless filling in the guest book only. There are dozens of hotels in Yogyakarta that are located close to the area of it. So if you want to access it, it will become easier and more practical, especially tourists outside the region.