Enjoying the Warmth and Freshness of Wedang Tahu Bu Sukardi Yogyakarta

Tofu is a food that is usually processed by frying or cooked with other techniques to serve as a meal. But in Yogyakarta, there is a culinary tour that serves tofu with a unique and special concept in the form of drinks.

Spread location

This destination is named Wedang Tahu Bu Sukardi. Its location is scattered in several regions because this culinary shop has many branches. Among them are near Mirota Godean, behind Colombo Market, near Godean Market, Jl. Minister of Supeno and Pathuk Market and Kranggan Market. The branches make it easier for tourists from outside the area who want to visit and enjoy the delights from Wedang Tahu Bu Sukardi’s menu. Then, considering about that hotels in Yogyakarta are also available in various places. So travelers from other regions just need to find a place to stay that is the closest to Mrs. Sukardi’s place.

Features of Wedang Tahu Bu Sukardi

Wedang Tahu Bu Sukardi is made from soybeans but only used for processing the juice. The appearance also resembles the original tofu but with a softer, lighter texture and is presented in large sizes. Wedang tofu is served in a bowl with gravy with the main ingredients of ginger and mixed with various other types of herbs. This drink can taste better and delicious when taken when the weather is cold especially in the morning. This drink also deserves to be used as a substitute for breakfast because it is quite capable of filling the stomach.

The warm and slightly spicy taste is guaranteed to make the stomach feel good and warm. Many people who when having stomach ache and bloating then drink this will immediately heal and get well again. Enjoyment along with the delicacy that you know, Mrs. Sukardi is not only felt when you drink it. Even before being served in front of the audience, the fragrant aroma of ginger and tofu has been felt in the sense of smell or nose. Especially after entering the mouth, the sensation of the uniqueness of its taste will be increasingly perfect.

In all branches, Wedang Tahu Bu Sukardi’s culinary tour is open every day from 06:30 to 10:00 am. But not infrequently close early, because of the large number of buyers and immediately sold in a short time. The price is quite cheap and affordable, not more than IDR 6,000 per bowl.