Spicy and Delicious Sambal Bawang and Ayam Grepek Mas Kobis Yogyakarta

Ayam Grepek is a dish that is very easy to find anywhere. However, for travelers who want to gain experience and a more special sensation of this dish, can immediately go to Warung Mas Kobis in Yogyakarta.


This culinary tour is located at Jalan Alamanda, Kampung Mrican. Exactly next to the Mataram ditch and east of the Yogyakarta State University Technical Faculty (UNY) Karang Malang. Because around the campus many students come regularly in this food stall. There are also a few tourists who happen to be staying at a hotel in Yogyakarta interested in visiting this place. Since long ago, the Mas Kobis stall was very famous for its delicious cuisine. Especially chicken grepek with the chili sauce.

Uniqueness and features

One of the main characteristics that is very easy to know when visiting the Mas Kobis stall is the grepek chicken or the penyet feels very spicy but still feels delicious. In addition this dish is always served with the addition of vegetables in the form of a large amount of fried eggplant and cabbage. This is what makes the stall given the name of the Kobis Mas stall.

For some visitors, it will be a surprise to feel the spicy onion chili which is a friend to eat grepek chicken in Mas Kobis stall. Though the amount of chili used to make the sauce is always the same as other food stalls.

But when observed more thoroughly and carefully, it turns out the cause came from the technique when pounding the chili. In the Mas Kobis shop, the chili used to make chili sauce is always pounded harder and longer. So the chilli seeds are destroyed and this is what causes the taste of the chili to become very spicy.

Although it is very famous for its super spicy sauce, Mas Kobis stalls are still ready to provide services for visitors who like the taste that is too spicy. Here, culinary tourism lovers can choose the scale of spicy sauce from the less spicy to extra spicy.

Not only is the sauce famous for being super spicy, the chicken grepek processed by the Mas Kobis is also very tasty and delicious. The meat texture feels more supple but very soft when it enters the mouth. Moreover, the spices, taste and taste are very maximum.

As for the price itself, it is commensurate with the perceived pleasure. There is no need to spend too much money, but only around 40 thousand rupiahs to eat the chicken sliced ​​with Mas Kobis and the sauce, including white rice and the drink.